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What happens when my child moves into the next class or onto secondary school

At Shifnal Primary School we work closely together throughout the school, so we can eliminate any anxiety that children may feel as they move from one class to the next.

The nursery children join in with whole school assemblies on regular occasions and are very familiar with the school environment. Transition is always smooth and a natural progression.

At Shifnal Primary School we have a carefully planned transition from nursery to school, including several transition days, parents meetings and parent/child joint lunchtimes.

The children who move from KS1 to KS2 also have the opportunity for several taster sessions, which can last for part of the whole day depending on the activity. All children are very familiar with school routines and layout due to our whole school inclusive policy.

When your child moves onto secondary school they will have their own transition, depending on what they require. For example they may visit the school without the rest of their year and be shown around the school by a year 7 pupil that they are familiar with or they may be part of a specific transition programme.