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Curriculum Content by Academic Year


The national curriculum (2014) is taught at Shifnal Primary School. Our teachers work hard to ensure the curriculum is as stimulating and exciting as possible, so that the children enjoy learning and are inspired to become lifelong learners.


National Curriculum follow this link: The National Curriculum (2014)


Each year group has created a curriculum overview map to give you a clear picture of what topics your children will be studying over the year and how the subjects interlink.  Please also have a look at our separate policies for Maths and Literacy, which also give a clear overview of what will be taught over the different year groups in these subjects.  We will continue to send out termly curriculum webs so that we provide you with as much information about the topics your children will be learning about in advance.

Termly Curriculum Webs - Summer Term 2024

Class 1  Reception Curriculum Web - Mrs Smallman/Mrs Parry

Class 2  Reception Curriculum Web - Mrs Guppy

Class 2  Year 1 Curriculum Web - Mrs Guppy

Class 3  Year 1 Curriculum Web - Mrs Garbett

Class 4  Year 1/2 Curriculum Web - Mr Owen

Class 5  Year 2 Curriculum Web - Mrs Moore

Class 6  Year 3 Curriculum Web - Mrs Harries/Miss Dickenson

Class 7  Year 3 Curriculum Web - Miss Tunnicliffe

Class 8  Year 4 Curriculum Web - Miss Fereday

Class 9  Year 4 Curriculum Web - Miss Jones

Class 10 Year 5 Curriculum Web - Mrs Sodhi

Class 11 Year 5 Curriculum Web - Mrs Burton

Class 12 Year 6 Curriculum Web - Mr Foley/Mrs Walters

Class 13 Year 6 Curriculum Web - Mrs Humphrey


Follow the links below for further information:

Further information about Maths

Further information about English

You can read more about our approach to teaching the various subjects within the curriculum.

Please find the link to the School Information page: Link to page


(For additional information about the school's curriculum, please contact the school office).


Please contact the school office for a paper copy of any of the Curriculum webs and Matrix shown on this page free of charge.